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E1 R2 Call Setup Issue

we have a newly installed office in Argentina. the IP phones are registered back to CUCM 7.0 Cluster in US. The voice gateway is located in local office and uses E1 R2 signal for PSTN connection.

The issue we are having now is unable to make any outbound PSTN calls.

I have attached the debug. What I am seeing is that we are recieving the confirmation code 1 for each digit we sent from voice gateway. but we stop recieving anything after the 6th digit was sent.

My question is - why we are sending out the digit # right after we receive the 1 from PSTN. is it proper behavior?

The Telco keep saying that they receive the first 6 digits but the router keeps sending each digit for 10 secconds then timeout.

Could anyone please take a look at the debug and let me know? Thanks in advance.

Calling number: 003901 (Cisco IP phone)

Called number: 47174343 (local Telco)

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Re: E1 R2 Call Setup Issue

The telco didn't respond with a # to our #.  Look at every other digit and you see this for every digit:

063763: *Oct  1 15:33:10.851 UTC: r2_reg_generate_digits(0/0/0:0(26)): Tx digit '7'   <----This is the original digit.
063765: *Oct  1 15:33:11.051 UTC: htsp_digit_ready_up(0/0/0:0(26)): Rx digit='1'
063767: *Oct  1 15:33:11.051 UTC: r2_reg_generate_digits(0/0/0:0(26)): Tx digit '#'
063769: *Oct  1 15:33:21.051 UTC: htsp_digit_ready(0/0/0:0(26)): Rx digit='#'

We never get the # for our # here, so we pop a timer after that 8-9s timer pops:

063782: *Oct  1 15:33:31.447 UTC: R2 Outgoing Voice(0/0): DSX (E1 0/0/0:25): STATE: R2_OUT_PROCESS_A R2 Got Event 1
063783: *Oct  1 15:33:31.447 UTC: r2_reg_generate_digits(0/0/0:0(26)): Tx digit '#'
063784: *Oct  1 15:33:40.059 UTC: //645/80621C4B0900/CCAPI/cc_api_call_disconnected:
   Cause Value=102, Interface=0x29B5B33C, Call Id=645

Find out if the provider got the #, and why they didn't send a # back.

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Re: E1 R2 Call Setup Issue

I think there is major configuration mismatch here, it does not make sense that the thing stops after 6 digits.

Maybe argentina uses non-compelled ?

And why the router sends # ? I don't think it should,

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Re: E1 R2 Call Setup Issue

Below is the current configuration on the E1 circuit -

controller E1 0/0/0

framing NO-CRC4

line-termination 75-ohm

ds0-group 0 timeslots 1-15,17-31 type r2-digital r2-semi-compelled  cas-custom 0

  country argentina


And the local Telco wasn't helpfule at all. The PSTN standard they provided to us is  - 

Signal protocol: R2

Line Code: HDB3    No CRC4    No ANI   Bidirectional channels    G703 connection interface 

Not sure what they meant by "no ANI". except that, we couldn't see anything wrong with the current configuration.

What the "Non-compelled" does, by the way?

Thanks so much!

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Re: E1 R2 Call Setup Issue

Configuration seems right. I would come to help, but I'm not in Buenos Aires at this time.

You have to try different cas-custom options until you get it right.

non-compelled means that switches can send the full number without having to wait ro digit by digit acknowledges by the receiving switch.

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Re: E1 R2 Call Setup Issue

This issue has been fixed by upgrading IOS to the latest v15.1(2)T1. The configuration on E1 controller keeps same.

Thanks for everyone's help!

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Re: E1 R2 Call Setup Issue

Por lo visto, la R2 es para argentina.

Estoy teniendo un problema con una R2 en version IOS 15. Queria saber si te funciono el caller-id con esa version de IOS.

Muchas gracias


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