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New Member

E1 R2 digital issues

hello guys,

im facing a weird issue with our local telco e1/r2 connected to my as5300.

all calls made from voip side to pstn.. caller side gets a fax modem tone.

any suggestion?




Re: E1 R2 digital issues

Any slips?

Could you please paste your controller config.

A debug vpm signal | debug vtsp all | debug vtsp tone will be great.

New Member

Re: E1 R2 digital issues

no.. there are no slips at all =(

i have attached the log from the Telco Switch side.. they are telling us.. that we are sending the signaling "I1", after their "A3". (Telco log, is older than cisco debug)

** All logs are attached **

** ios: 5300-12.3-19 **




Re: E1 R2 digital issues

17:06:02.041: pcn:0211172399328, poa:T

17:06:02.145: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:0

17:06:02.445: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:02.541: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:2

17:06:02.665: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 5

17:06:02.749: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:2

17:06:02.877: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:02.957: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:1

17:06:03.089: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:03.169: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:1

17:06:03.317: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:03.409: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:1

17:06:03.537: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:03.621: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:7

17:06:03.745: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:03.829: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:2

17:06:03.977: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:04.081: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:3

17:06:04.785: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:05.537: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:9

17:06:05.961: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:06.761: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:9

17:06:07.353: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:08.093: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:3

17:06:08.645: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:09.429: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:2

17:06:10.025: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:10.797: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:8

17:06:11.389: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 1

17:06:12.709: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: 3

We get the A3 from Telco (Address complete).

Which is send a group II signal and send a group B signal.

17:06:12.721: //603756/12593B478020/VTSP:(0:0):24:123:4657/ds_do_dial: dialing string:2

We send a group II-2 (Normal Subscriber)

We never send a I-1

31 2006/08/24 14:50:09 16458763810:5:Front SEND R2_SIG_TRACE 3

00 00000000 ....r2Signalling: A3

32 2006/08/24 14:50:09 16458764060:5:Front RECV R2_SIG_TRACE 3

00 00000000 ....r2Signalling: I1

At this moment I would say it is a Telco problem.


New Member

Re: E1 R2 digital issues

hello gogasca,

at cisco's r2 debug.. how can we know if cisco is sending a group I/II or group A/B signal?! and is there any send/recv flag at the log that? (similar to the telco logs?); -- using R2 signal table we can try to "guess" whats happening. =/

I will ask new tests... capturing a fresh log.

thanks for your help.




Re: E1 R2 digital issues


I know R2 protocol debugs are not easy to read but this always help:


ds_do_dial: dialing string SEND

vtsp_report_cas_digit: Digit begin: RECIEVE


Regarding how can we know if we are sending a group I/II or group A/B signal ?

Always keep in mind the R2 protocol behaviour. (Forward and backward signals) and the DNIS|ANI.

Forward signals are signals from the calling party toward the called party and are classified as Group I or group II signals.

Group I signals conveys address information including DNIS and ANI.

Group II signals convey address information about the calling party such as priority level. Backward signals are signals from the called party to the calling party and are classified as Group A or Group B. Group A signals acknowledge Group I signals and convey additional information, such as congestion. Group B signals acknowledge Group II signals and provide called party information.

Important debugs:

debug voip vtsp all

debug vpm signal

debug vtsp tone

Good things to check in debugs:




For Group I


In summary if we understand deeply which signals to expect either send or receive and we have all the events already collected we can find out what's happening.

The problem here is that we dont have such pretty debugs as the Telco that indicate this is B-1,A-1 etc. Adding that R2 has different behaviour in each country...,but understanding which events should appear and with the debugs collected above we can find out what is happening.


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