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External Access to Meet Me Conference

We have set up Meet-Me Conference numbers for all or our sites that are running off of our CCM cluster. We have put those numbers into their own partition and then given the Device CSS and the Gateway CSS for that site access to that partition to kind of segment who can use this feature and its work well. I received a question the other day about opening up the Meet-Me call from an outside line and can it be done. Example something happens late at night and someone from home wants to initiate a Meet-Me call, is there a way do accomplish that other than with an IP phone or IP Communicator and the Meet-Me key?

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Re: External Access to Meet Me Conference

Hi John,

For all current CCM Versions both Ad-hoc and MeetMe conferences must be intiated by an on-site or Internal IP Phone user. There is no config that will allow an External Party to be the controller for conferencing.

Hope this helps! Sorry man!


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Re: External Access to Meet Me Conference

That's kind of we thought but we figured that we might as well ask the question. Thanks

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