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Failover on GPRS

Dear Net Pros,

We have designed our own custom built solution for connecting ATM Machine over GPRS Network. Now we have connected a Cisco Router to the ATM Machine and the ATM Machine is connected to two GPRS Modems. Each of this GPRS Modem connects to a different GPRS Provider's network for redundancy i.e. we are connecting these two GPRS Modems to two different GPRS Network Provider's networks. Now on the bank end we have a Cisco Router connected to TANDEM Host. We are using DLSw [for SNA over IP] Version 1 between the two Cisco Routers. Now we are having some trouble.

When the primary GPRS Link is up the Cisco Router at the Bank tries to communuicate over VPN with the Cisco Router at ATM Side over this Primary GPRS Link. When this link goes down the Cisco Router at the ATM Side will try to communicate with the Cisco Router at the bank side over the Secondary GPRS Link through the other provider's network. Now the Cisco Router at the bank end still tries to communicate back with the Cisco Router on the ATM Side over the Primary GPRS Link. But we we add a static route in the Cisco Router to route all the traffic over the Secondary GPRS Link its works fine. BUT we do not want the failover to take place manually. There should be some way for the Cisco Router at the bank side to Switch the Traffic to the Secondary GPRS Link when failover occurs.

Does anybody know how we can make the Cisco Router at the bank side to dynamically switch the traffic between Primary and Secondary GPRS Links??

Awaiting your reply into the same at the earliest possible. Thanking you again for your continual kind co-operation and support.


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Failover on GPRS


did you find the appropriate solution?

I will integrate a cisco router to support the failover between GPRS and 3G netwoks between two different sites.

but until now I did not have an idea concerning the feasability of the solution.

Please give us your feedback.


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