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gatekeeper in proxy mode


i have a gatekeeper configured with a single local Zone ( the remote customers Gateways and my local voip gateways are registered to a single local Zone ), basically my voip network is used for termination issues and most of the carriers sending traffic to my voip gateways don't use a gatekeeper in their implemantation , so i m obliged to have this single local zone on the gatekeeper.

in order to have an accurate gatekeeper accounting i need to place or configure gatekeeper in proxy mode .

i m asking if it is possible to use proxy mode for a gatekeeper having only a single Local zone(what i have understood about proxy mode is that it is based on remote zones usage which does not apply to my case because i have only a gatekeeper with one local zone ) , if it is possible how can i do this ? if not , is there any alternate solution (configuring the gatekeeper with more than one local zone and in this case how will be the routing process ..).

Any Thoughts?

Thanks for help ,

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Re: gatekeeper in proxy mode


WIth a single local zone you cannot run the proxy mode, and in my experience proxy mode does not work well with multiple local zones. It is really designed to work with remote zones.

However as for the billing, if you bill off the gatekeeper in non proxy mode, then you should be able to get the billing information from the gatekeeper. The signalling does not go through the gatekeeper, but at the time of the DRQ it will have sufficient information in there. What specific VSA's are you looking for that you do not get?

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Re: gatekeeper in proxy mode

Hello Taimour ,

Thanks for your reply ,

i can't enable the accounting VSA option under the gatekeeper config mode and the CDRs i m getting from gatekeeper are not detailed nor accurate.

so i m trying to get similar results from my gateways and my gatekeeper.

please advise ,

Thanks in advance for your help.


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