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H.323 Gatekeeper Gateway Load Balancing

I have a project using 9 Gateways (2821s with each with 2 E1s). These connect to a number of IVRs supplied by an external provider. They are running Windows 2003 and Intel HMP drivers.

Calls are delivered by the carrier to PBXs, the Gateways then convert to VoIP and deliver to the IVRs. The Gateways and IVRs talk to the H.323 Gatekeepers, another pair of 2821s, to determine who can accept the calls.

We have all this working but want a bit more understanding and control of the Gatekeeper function. I have found some info on call capacity management on the Gateway/Gatekeeper but, from initial testing, it looks like the Gatekeeper "fills" one IVR before moving on to another.

There are 8 IVRs with something like 6 queues. The allocation of these queues across IVRs will be dynamic. Sometimes a queue would appear on all IVRs, other times it may only be on 2 or 3. It would be good to be able to control the way the load is distributed.

H.323 version 4 allows gateways to report their call capacity to the Gatekeeper. There is also a message (RAI) the Gateway can send to the Gatekeeper to say it is running out of resources. But, I haven't been able to find anything on algorithms the Gatekeeper uses to decide which IVR to send calls to.

Can someone direct me to more doco?

The main resource I have been using is "Cisco IOS H.323 Configuration Guide" (IOS 12.4 June 2005).


Re: H.323 Gatekeeper Gateway Load Balancing

Refer to the "Tcl IVR and Voice XML" section of the Cisco IOS Voice Configuration Library

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