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Help with Layer 2 vs Layer 3 switch in mobile wireless env

I need to determine if I should go with a (new) L2 switch and mult VLANS and use router-on-a-stick for intervlan routing. Its conducive to what the cust has at his multiple sites.

Or should I convince him to go with a L3 switch to the router instead ?

My concern is that its a mobile wireless site with two different radio signals (CDMA and GSM) operating in the same site...and I don't want a bottleneck on the trunk between the switch and the router when intervlan routing using the L2 switch. That is, one of the vlans consuming all the 10/100 trunk bandwidth would not work in the L2 switch env - or is it ?

Suggestions please ??

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Re: Help with Layer 2 vs Layer 3 switch in mobile wireless env

Pushing layer 3 to the access-layer has many benefits over the traditional L2/Router-on-a-stick approach. The first major benefit that you've already realized is the removal of dependence upon the trunk for packets moving between L3 networks. It also can allows your routing protocols further access in the network. You'd gain all the benefits of that protocol as well (load balancing, best path route processing, etc.) without having to traverse a router first.

The list goes on and on. In short, if your budget allows, purchase the L3 switch. Many people are ripping out L2 switches in their network infrastructure these days and replacing them with L3 switches for these very reasons.

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