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How to configure AA on Unity ?

How to configure Auto Attendant on Unity ?For example ,outsider caller dial AA number ,it answer the opening greeting ,then you can transfer to reception with pressing 0 or transfer to extension with pressing number.I do it as following ,but I think something is wrong ,help me .

1 add a CTI router point associated with a AA number on CCM and create it's voice mail on unity .And forward all to voice mail.

2 on Opening Greeting Call handler, set personal opening greeting ,no transfer incoming calls(send directly to handler'greeting). the other configuration of call handler is default

3 on operator Call handler ,transfer the incoming call to an extension ,for example reception extension.the other configuration of call handler is default.

But now ,I find when I dial AA number from outside ,I can hear the opening greeting and press 0 to trensfer reception ,but if presss extension number ,I hear the busy tone .Why ?


Re: How to configure AA on Unity ?

This can be done by configuring call handler(s). For the Call Handler you can set the 'Active Schedule' which let you activate the different greeting depending on the time. For your human attendant, you can configure CFNA/CFB to the Unity attendant extension. For more information please check the Unity Administration guide (section Call Handler)


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Re: How to configure AA on Unity ?


im having problem when the caller dial a wrong number it goes directly to the opening greeting which is ' hello system untiy systems for a touchtone telephone you may dial and extension.......' can i forward the call the other greeting 'example please enter the phone number"? thanks

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Re: How to configure AA on Unity ?

1. Make sure that Allow callers to dial an extension during greeting is checked under Opening Greeting, Caller Input.

2. The extension to be dialed must be configured for a subscriber. Create subscribers and assign them extensions.Then, for each subscriber, under Call Transfer, specify Yes, ring subscriber's extension (Unity will automatically fill in the extension you specified when creating the subscriber)

Save the subcriber info and try again.

I assume that Call Manager/Cisco Unity integration is working fine.


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