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How to restric the calling number in AS5400

HI ,

We are sending the VOIP traffic to few clients , they don't want to recieve the cli from us.I put the clID restrict but still i couldn't screen CLI.pls can you advise me.

reg, kadams


Re: How to restric the calling number in AS5400

Yes, this can be easily achieved.

1. Create a voice translation rule like this:

voice translation-rule 99

rule 1 /^.*/ //

The 99 is the number of the voice translation rule. If you do not have any other, you might start with 1.

The rule says --> match all numbers (^.*) and replace them with an empty string.

You can change it also like this.

rule 1 /^00/ /011/

this will replace the 00 in the beginning of every number with 011. so, 00359 will become 011359 :)

Then you need to attach this translation rule to a translation profile. Here is an example:

translation-profile removecli

translate calling 99

You attach translation-rule 99 to the translation profile "remove cli" and specify that it will translate calling numbers, not called ones.

The last thing to do is to apply the translation-profile to a dial-peer or voice-port (or a trunk-group as well).

dial-peer example:

dial-peer 100 voip

translation-profile incoming test

This will apply the translation profile for all INCOMING calls to this dial-peer.

Hope that this will solve your issue.

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