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IPIPGW and TCL script


Is it possible to use TCL script on IPIPGW to remove some h225 message (like "facility" for example) and pass all other? If yes, how?




Re: IPIPGW and TCL script

Unfortunately - no.

Such actions should be performed by session border controllers.

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Re: IPIPGW and TCL script

Theodor, this is from the "product introduction":

"...The Cisco Multiservice IP-to-IP Gateway facilitates simple and cost-effective connectivity between independent voice-over-IP (VoIP) and video networks. Designed to meet enterprise and service provider Session Border Controller (SBC) needs, the Cisco Multiservice IP-to-IP Gateway is an integrated Cisco IOS Software application that runs...."

so it acts like SBC...


Re: IPIPGW and TCL script


if Cisco engineers (these who have designed the IP-IP gateway) would have the guts to look at MERA MVTS softswitch and session-border controller they will commit a suicide. A real session-border controller (like the one of MERA) can also fix vendor compability/interopability issues. It can also rewrite Q.931/H225/H245 messages, disable the negotiation of specific capabilities on H.245 and etc.

What I told you that it is a job of a SBC. I am not the one to blame, that Cisco's IP-to-IP gateway can not perform such a function :)

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Re: IPIPGW and TCL script

I am not sure exactly which messages you are looking to modify, but there are is a tremendous amount of message modification you can do with TCL and/or VXML hybrid. see:

You can re-write almost everything. Whether or not you want to, or should is another matter. NOTE: the more functions you add to call processing, the fewer calls you can process on IPIPGW. I hope this helps.

John Spade


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