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IPL Connection

hi, I have a 2500 Series Router in my office that will connect to US using T1 connection. My provider ask me to configure the line coding and framing on our side. but as far as im concerned my router is connected to csu/dsu with V.35 cable. so it would be impossible the configure the linecoding and framing on my router. My boss tells me that the configuration(linecoding and framing) would be on the csu/dsu, in which i do not have any control. My questions are, If you want to connect your Local router to other LAN(US side) with t1 connection using 2500 series router, what configuration should be done.?how about the loopbacks? how will i connect my router to t1 using serial connection?is it possible to connect your LAN to T1 using csu/dsu.? thnks

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