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IPT Single site configuration

Hi Friends... I am very new to Voip and cisco Routers. I need to help configure the Voice GW router 2851 with 2x4FXO ports and 1xE1 port and 3750 Cat switches as core sw. I have to configure the voice ports on SW with VLAN ID for Voice svr and VLAN ID for IP phones. any body can guide me how to configure router and switches.. what is basic configuration needs for Router and Switches.

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Re: IPT Single site configuration

Say I decided to use 20 for my voice VLAN...

Voice Server Port config (so that voice server is on it's own vlan):

switchport access vlan 20

Phones port config(so that phones know which vlan to join):

switchport voice vlan 20

Router port config for voice vlan (so that server sees the router):

switchport access vlan 20

Basically, the switchport voice vlan command pertains to phones. If you plug a PC into a port configured with this command, the PC does not become part of vlan20.

Re: IPT Single site configuration

Thanks for ur reply and guidance.

But if I want to create the floor wise or Depart ment wise Vlan ID than how to..........

as of I have Internal IPs for router(GW) CCM and Unity

GW -



so now How I have to give VLAN IDs for voice ports???

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Re: IPT Single site configuration

This is correct set up, but you need to have your data vlan whicj is probably native vlan 1 since you have changed it.

your phones ip addy will be on the vlan 20 subnet, and all corresponding devices should be on that subnet, CM, Unity and the default gateway.

the PC should not be in vlan 20.


Re: IPT Single site configuration

Hi shyamkumar.puppala

for ur 3750 switch:

configure voice vlan, data vlan, management vlan (for management traffic), and server farm (CCM,Unity,..) vlan.

this doc will describe voice vlan on 3750:

basically these are the commands needed to configure ur switch ports with voice and data vlans:

(config)#interface range fa 0/1 - 24

(config-if)#switch-port mode access

(config-if)#switch-port access vlan

(config-if)#switch-port voice vlan

create vlans and assign ports to vlans on ur specific design..

for fxo port config:

FXO Basic Configuration

Boise#config t


! Enter voice port configuration mode

Boise(config)#voice-port 0/3/0


! Configure signal type

Boise(config-voiceport)#signal loopStart


! Set the locale

Boise(config-voiceport)#cptone US

%Impedance also changed to 600Real


! Set the dial type

Boise(config-voiceport)#dial-type dtmf

Setting a Destination for Inbound Calls

Boise#config t


! Go to voice port configuration

Boise(config)#voice-port 0/3/0


! All inbound calls will route to extension 3000

Boise(config-voiceport)#connection plar opx 3000

dial plan configuration relies on what gateway control protocol u want to use, if u want to choose MGCP, then all dial plan config will be on ur CCM

if u want to choose H323, u need to configure ur dial plan on ur gateway.



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