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Low call duration on Cisco 2610

The average call duration on my cisco 2610 is around 1.5 minutes which is far bellow the expected average duration of 7-10 minutes. The system topology is as follows:

Cisco 2610 to channel bank(via a T1 interface) to pstn.

There is a T1 card in the 2610.

I get 500 linecode violations on the T1 controller. I have done loopback test on the T1 and passed. I also did a loopback test from the channel bank to the router and that passed as well. However, I still get the 500 linecode violations on T1.What can I do next to lower linecode violations to zero? Does linecode violation contribute to the low average duration?


Re: Low call duration on Cisco 2610

Did you do loopback test from the channel bank? Do you get 500 linecode violations and then no more?

Make sure both the channel bank and T1 interface of the router are using the same linecode (B8ZS or AMI).

Check clocking. Which device is providing clocking for the T1? One device should be doing internal clocking and the other should be doing line clocking.

How long is the T1 cable? Try cablelength short or cablelength long to compensate.

Have you tried making a test call over your 2610? How does it sound to you? There are other things that can account for low call durations like echo, False Answer Supervision issues with the channel bank, volume (gain) issues, not enough IP bandwidth, etc.


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