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Match incoming pattern and forward to an internal extension

I'm having trouble creating a rule to match an incoming pattern and forward to an internal extension. 

I want to match a CALLING number, then have the gateway forward to a particular extension. 


CALLING number is 1235551234.  I want any calls from that number to go to extension 1234.

In the voice translation-rule command, there doesn't seem to be a way to just match a pattern.  So I can't find a way to easily tell it to match the pattern, then forward accordingly.

I've tried:

voice translation-rule 1

     rule 1 /1235551234/ /1235551234/

voice translation-profile REDIR_1234

     translate calling 1

dial-peer voice 1234 voip

     description REDIRECT_TO_1234

     translation-profile incoming REDIR_1234

     destination-pattern 1234

I then do a debug isdn q931 and call a random DID that comes through that gateway.  I can see this:

  Calling Party Number i = 0x2183, '1235551234'


  Called Party Number i = 0x80, '5678'

The call doesn't get forwarded as expected, though.  It rings through to 5678.  I'm kind of stumped here.  Any help is appreciated.

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