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MRTG Out Greater than In

Hello Net Pros,

I have configured a MRTG system to give me the traffic analysis of my AS5350 Gateway's serial WAN Interface. Now in my graph the "Current In" value displayed is always smaller than the "Current Out". The same is for "Average" and "Max" values. Also I have configured the codec "g729r8" and all the originating calls coming in from our carriers to our terminating gateway [AS5350] are using this codec. If I multiply the "Number of DS0s in Use" with the average bandwidth consumed by one call using "g729r8" i.e. 12.8 kbps then this calculated value never matches the traffic analysis shown for the serial WAN interface. We had access-lists on the AS5350 Gateway. We tried removing the access-lists, but no improvement. Still the same result. What I am not able to understand is a] why my Out is always greater than my In and b] why the values shown in the traffic analysis for the serial WAN interface never match the value for the total bandwidth consumed by the active calls [using codec g729r8].

Could someone try to help me diagnose this problem??


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Re: MRTG Out Greater than In

hi Rushabh

i have same problem on my MRTG

but 1st of all the codec g729 is around 20 to 22k

so if u do the math the bandwidth calculation will be ok

now for the up is greater than the down this is due to codec so dont worry ,try to change the codec and u will see the change

this is nothing to be worried about

realy u dont have any problem


New Member

Re: MRTG Out Greater than In

I have changed the codec and tried but it did not help. Still the same status. In fact after changing the codec the bandwidth utilization came down. Kindly let me know if there is any other solution since we need to solve this issue ASAP. Thanx


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