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MS Exchange email bounced back to 7960 VoIP voicemail??

Hi, I have a really, really strange problem which my networking guys have been unable to resolve in the past 6 months.

In May we cutover to a new Exchange server on a network with a preexisting Cisco 7960 VoIP system. Since the day of the cutover, between 1 and 20 emails per day I send via Outlook/Exchange to internal network recipients are never received on the other end. I receive no System Administrator bounceback emails, but instead I get messages in my Cisco voicemail that say:

"A receipt, your message to one or more recipients, sent <datetime>, could not be delivered."

These are not from voicemails.

The problem seems - emphasize seems, not is -- worse when I have large attachments, but can occur with any email. Some days are worse than others; yesterday, I received 12 such receipts, but they day before, only 1. I can't correlate it to specific email individuals or mail groups on the receiving end. It doesn't matter if I'm archiving to a local PST file or not. It doesn't matter if my filing/filtering rules in Outlook are enabled or not. I have no Outlook plugins. I'm not out of memory.

All i know is that it looks like I'm not getting back to people, and this has been going on for ovr six months now. I am apparently the only person at this company (of 100+ employees) with this problem.

My buddy who runs the NOC at a major Fortune 10 financial institution says this can't be happening... but it is.


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Re: MS Exchange email bounced back to 7960 VoIP voicemail??

Hi Bret,

You should also also post this question on the Unified Communications Applications forum (Unity). There are some people there that will probably be able to help you with this.Especially if this setup has a Unity VM system. Try this out;;jsessionid=19B18FE7179AAFAE6DFDFB6F27F1D931.SJ5B?page=netprof&forum=Unified%20Communications%20and%20Video&topic=Unified%20Communications%20Applications&CommCmd=MB%3Fcmd%3Ddisplay_messages%26mode%3Dnew%26...

Hope this helps!


Re: MS Exchange email bounced back to 7960 VoIP voicemail??

Hi Bret -

Did you ever find the solution to this problem? I was wondering if you had tracked the message in Exchange to see its path, once sent by you, at least to confirm where it stopped. Another place to look is within the message queues for the Exchange servers.


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