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need help - tone


I have a problem in configuring voice over IP. I have 2 locations, A and B. A is the heaquarter and B is the branch. It is simulated like this:

phone --------- cisco 3640 with FXS ---- Serial back to back ---- cisco 3745 with E1 ---- PBX ----- phone ext. 2525

configured with pots 021 configured with pots 000

I configured the dial peer 000T at the branch and dial peer 021T at the headquarter. when I dialed 0002525, the phone at both sides connected successfully.

The problem is: my customer wants that everytime the person at the branch wants to call to HQ let's say at extension 2525, he should first dial 000 and get a tone from the HQ PBX and after the tone then dial the extension number 2525.

For this, I already configured dial peer 000 at the branch (without the big T) but then there was no tone at all from the PBX so I couldn't dial the extension number. However, if I dialed 0002525 all at once, the phone was connected successfully.

What should I do in order to fulfill my customer's requirement? (get the tone first from the destination's PBX and then dial the extension number).

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: need help - tone

What E1 signaling are you using at the PBX side. I think when you dial 000 the router puts a seizure on the line and but the PBX is configured to provide dialtone and waits for the rest of digits and connects the call when it receives the digits. Can you please find out the signaling at the E1 side.

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Re: need help - tone


thanks for your fast response. i forgot to mention that the signaling I used was r2-digital dtmf dnis. this is the signaling that also works when I dialed 0002525 succesfully.

for your information, currently the customer already uses memotec (some kind of mux) for voice over data, the device is already obsolete by now. And with memotec it works as they wish, that is: dial 000, tone, then dial the extension number.

and the r2 signaling config on the memotec was:

r2 signaling, emoffhook=1, emonhook=9, answer=5,emseizack=13, emclearfor=9, emclearback=13. I think this is similar with r2 Line Signaling, but was the problem come from PBX or cisco config ?

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