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Need some (basic) help please

The IP office unit is in vlan 3 on a 3750 in office B. The 3750 is connected to another 3750 in office A, via a fibre loop. Three IP phones have been plugged into the 3750 in office A, and obviously need to connect to the IP office unit in office B. The phones do not have PCs connected to them and there are no QoS tools in place, so is there any reason why we can't put them in our regular office vlan (10)? We don't want to run a trunk over the WAN link, currently it is an access VLAN 2.

Many thanks,


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Re: Need some (basic) help please

No, as long as you have IP Helper addresses for DHCP or the option 150 for TFTP if you have DHCP running drectly on the switch itself. The only thing you give up with running voice / data on a single VLAN is the ability to tag COS and mark. Check out this link for an explanation:


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Re: Need some (basic) help please

Sorry rhugo, just seen this - I will take a read of the link, thanks very much for your help.

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