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new IOS bugs ?? :)) 12.3.3a

On an AS5350 with ios 12.3.3a "show isdn active" prints only a few calls. Right now, one of my gateways reports 3 calls on "show isdn active" but I see there are 15 active layer 3 calls on one E1 interface with "show isdn status". This is a bug guys... not very annoying, but I just upgraded to 12.3.3a and noticed 3 bugs. Another bug I noticed, when a custommer was calling an international destination, on "show call active voice brief" I could only see the voip call leg, wich is not OK, but this seems to happen randomly.

You guys are doing a great job, but you still have a lot of work to do at the new IOS, I wish I could help. Anyway I'm happy that the bug about disconnecting calls with 0x2C (no resource) while the gw has free dsps was solved, even if I did see 12.3.3a reported as afected version and nothing about the bug in the release notes :)

third bug I published earlyer... that's the most annoying :)

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Re: new IOS bugs ?? :)) 12.3.3a

We can test it out here in the lab and will file the bugs if we can reproduce it.


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