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New Member

NM-HDV DSP Problems...

Dear Friends

I have a Cisco 3640 with NM-HDV-2E1-60 module with VWIC-2MFT-E1.

The ios image is c3640-js-mz.123-19.bin and version is 12.3

I have a strange problem with the NM-HDV module.

I make the calls then these calls connect and after 2-3 seconds they drop, and the module doesn't free the channel, the channel stays busy...

All the lights on the nm-hdv dsp light up green.

I've tried to test the dsp's issuing the test dsp 0 command and then querying the dsp resource and status and it shows up the following

Dsp firmware version: 4.1.41

Maximum dsp count: 15

On board dsp count: 15

Jukebox available

Total dsp channels available 60

Total dsp channels allocated 60

Total dsp free channels 0

Querying dsp status......

It doesn't show the dsp status...

test dsp 1 (2, 3) commands say that Card 1 (2, 3) is not present.

How can I be 100% that the problem is because of the DSP's (if it is like that)

I'm saying this because I can buy new DSP's and change them, but I need to be 100% sure...

Any reply is appreciated!

New Member

Re: NM-HDV DSP Problems...

The issue could be with the DSPs, but the querying dsp status is not an issue. It is the normal behavior.

New Member

Re: NM-HDV DSP Problems...

Thanks for your reply.

I've done some tests and here's the result.

c3640_gw2# show dialplan number 12345678911

Macro Exp.: 12345678911


peer type = voice, information type = voice,

description = `',

tag = 1, destination-pattern = `111+',

answer-address = `', preference=0,

CLID Restriction = None

CLID Network Number = `'

CLID Second Number sent

CLID Override RDNIS = disabled,

source carrier-id = `', target carrier-id = `',

source trunk-group-label = `', target trunk-group-label = `',

numbering Type = `unknown'

group = 1, Admin state is up, Operation state is up,

Outbound state is up,

incoming called-number = `', connections/maximum = 1/unlimited,

DTMF Relay = disabled,

huntstop = disabled,

in bound application associated: 'DEFAULT'

out bound application associated: ''

dnis-map =

permission :both

incoming COR list:maximum capability

outgoing COR list:minimum requirement

Translation profile (Incoming):

Translation profile (Outgoing):

incoming call blocking:

translation-profile = `'

disconnect-cause = `no-service'

advertise 0x40 capacity_update_timer 25 addrFamily 4 oldAddrFamily 4

type = pots, prefix = `11',

forward-digits default

session-target = `', voice-port = `0/0:0',

direct-inward-dial = disabled,

digit_strip = enabled,

register E.164 number with GK = TRUE

fax rate = system, payload size = 20 bytes

supported-language = ''

Time elapsed since last clearing of voice call statistics never

Connect Time = 1876, Charged Units = 0,

Successful Calls = 12, Failed Calls = 5, Incomplete Calls = 0

Accepted Calls = 0, Refused Calls = 0,

Last Disconnect Cause is "AC ",

Last Disconnect Text is "dsp error (172)",

Last Setup Time = 241131.

Matched: 12345678911 Digits: 3


So it seems that the problem is really in DSPs.....

New Member

Re: NM-HDV DSP Problems...

Have you put DSP resource into Transcode, MTP or Conf usage?

New Member

Re: NM-HDV DSP Problems...

Well the NM-HDV module is connected to a PSTN so my guess, the DSP usage is used for transcoding.

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