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Perfmon and 'Outbound Busy Attempts' meaning?


I'm using perfmon to monitor the status of the PRI channels on our MGCP gateways (X6608-E1). There's also a route group set up on our callmanager, listing 2 different MGCP gateways to use, i.e in order of preference.

While checking the stats on gateway 1, i noticed that the 'outbound busy attempts' counter displayed a non-zero figure (namely 44).

Apparently, this counter represents the total number of times a call through the MGCP PRI Device was attempted when there were no voice channel available.

My question is does this number (44) represent the number of times there were no voice channels available on gateway 1, and that gateway 2 had to be utilised instead (which is what it should do according to the route group), or does it mean that no voice channels were available on gateway 1 and the outbound call could not be completed (eg the calling party received a fast busy tone), thus showing that calls were not being offered to gateway 2.



Re: Perfmon and 'Outbound Busy Attempts' meaning?

The documentation on this counter reads as "Number of times the PRI has returned a busy state when a person tried to dial an outbound line". From this i understand that this counter gets incremented whenever the Channel on PRI is unavailable and not because the called party is busy.

Also these counters are specific to the gateway in question and should not viewed together with any other gateway which is part of the same route group.

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