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PGW 2200: Customize sending ANM to service provider

Hi folks,

First let me clear my requirement. I want my call flow like this:

Customer calling to contact center ------>PGW sends ACM to Service Provider-----> Call established on IVR (toll free)

On the same flow:

Customer presses '0' to talk with human agent-----Trigger the PGW to send ANM message to SP on the same call---->Call is started charging

Actually the requirement came from the customer to make the IVR call free of cost, but the human assistance will need to be charged. So we discussed wth Ericsson guys if they can help up anyhow, they asked us to send the ANM message later on when we wish to charge the call, they can establish the call based on ACM only.

Have anyone have experience on such thing? Experience might not be there, but any idea on this to how to do it?

We are using PGW9.6, but we might migrate to PGW9.7 if we need anything related SIP for this requirement.


Mijanur Rahman

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