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PGW config backup and rollback

Hello. I'm about to update a PGW config. I'm writing the backup and rollback procedures. I understand that to perform a backup I must use the MML command "prov-exp" (which creates config.mml and trunk.dat files) and later the UNIX command "mgcbackup". My question is, if I make changes in the config and it doesnt work well, how can I perform the rollback? I understand I can use the UNIX command "mml -b config.mml" but that file doesnt have any "prov-sta" commands so I think that wouldnt work by itself, to return to the previous config. Maybe I need to issue the "prov-sta" command before issuing the "mml -b" ? Thanks in advance for your answers. Any comments about how you perform the rollback would be very appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: PGW config backup and rollback

Yes you are correct. Just add the prov-sta command to the top of the config.mml file and then a prov-cpy and prov-stp at the bottom.

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