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PGW2200 and analog lines


We are working with a PGW2200 in a nailed up enviroment with AS5350XM as media gateways. We are triying to put in service "analog lines" with sip ATAs. The telco to which we are attached by SS7/ISUP is requesting us to supress some parameters from IAMs originated in this analog lines because it says that those parameters are beloging to ISDN lines. In particular the information to supress is the USER SERVICE INFORMATION. Also ISDN ACCESS INDICATOR must be set o "Originating access non-ISDN" instead the actual value "Originating Access ISDN". Any Idea to get this requirements?. Thanks

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Re: PGW2200 and analog lines


Let me know where do you want to apply the changes and for what ? explain in detail


Re: PGW2200 and analog lines


The purpouse of this is to emulate analog lines behind a PGW2200 system. The operator requires that ISUP messages originated in the analog lines comes without those parameters to complain with ISUP regulations. This not affect to call progress is only required to complain the regulations.

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Re: PGW2200 and analog lines

Hi Juan

All these ISUP Parmeters are binded in the ISUP protocol Version.. If you are using the right interface and configuration it should not be a problem.

Do the calls mature if you send ISDN in "ISDN Access Indicator" ?  If so then there shouldnot be any problem.

If the Telco insists the Non-isdn there should be some parameter change at the PGW level..  this below document is only for reference..

If you still need to do the Non-isdn configue , revert so that i can check in my pgw for any changes.. also let me know how are you configuring the Analog lines in PGW and MGW.


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