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New Member

QoS Benefits?

We have a voice system that will run locally within our campus only. All of our access/distro/core uplinks are 2Gbps/1Gbps, and are barely hit 20 Mbps of utilization. Should we implement QoS on this kind of underutilized network? Are there studies/tests done regarding this?



Re: QoS Benefits?

There's a high likelihood that you do not need QoS for day-to-day operations.

Implementing QoS in this scenario would be mostly for these reasons:

1) Sanity

2) How easy it is to implement with things like AutoQoS

3) Allowing your voice network to persist through things like broadcast storms or any other problem that could cause unexpected bandwidth spikes

4) If you do expand your voice system, which is very common, it prevents requiring a full reconfiguration.

So while you probably won't utilize it much, it can still be something you want to configure.


New Member

Re: QoS Benefits?

On your point #4, I strongly agree. Although this is not in the picture just yet, I'm sure it will grow/expand.


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