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Quality of Service for VOIP

                   Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is the right forum for this question as it is about QOS, but I figured it involves VOIP so it should be close enough.  I just have a pretty simple question that I just need a definitive answer on, when using the priority queue, lets say for voice, if one call is made, does all of the bandwidth set for the priority queue become reserved or just enough to make the call. 

For example, if I have reserved 384 Kbps for the priority queue, and 2048 Kbps with the bandwidth command for a second queue, but am not policing this second queue and it is bursting above the 2048 Kbps when a call is made, does the priority queue effectively block off all 384 Kbps or does it just guarantee the amount of bandwidth needed for that call at that time.  Of course we are assuming there is congestion on the circuit as a whole at this time?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, Thank you all


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Re: Quality of Service for VOIP

Just enough to make the call is taken in the priority queue.

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