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Shared CallManager Infrastructure & Discreet Global Directory


I hope that you can help me with the below question.

I have been asked to look at the feasibility of setting up a "shared callmanager infrastructure" where two distinct SMB will share a CallManager cluster.

Now using CSS and partitions, it should be pretty straight forward to separate their GK and GWs as well as their route patterns BUT I am having difficulty trying to localise the global directory to each company.

For example, if I was to setup users in both companies, in the global directory, they would be able to find out each other's extension numbers and hence posing a potential security risk.

Is there a way in CM to discreetly separate each companies DNs and hence a user in company A would not be able to see the users in Company B if he was to use to the directory function on the IP Phone as well as the Attendant Console for the receptionists.

FYI, the CM version I am working on is 4.2(3) but if this functionality is not present in this train and is introduced into version 5.x, then I would be happy to upgrade to that if need be.

As a side note, I see that I can specify a directory of sorts under:

Phone Configuration >> Cisco IP Phone - External Data Locations (leave blank to use default) >> Directory

Is that what I am looking for and if so, has anyone got any advice on how to best utilise this resource.

Looking forward to your responses.



Cisco Employee

Re: Shared CallManager Infrastructure & Discreet Global Director

Yes you can do this

The Callmanager will have to use a comman directory for this but you can limit what each tenant can see in the directory with the use of a custom XML file that will only allow the directory entries for that tennant to be seen. This is not a built in feature point and you may need TAC or developer support to come up with the specific XML file that you need.

Hope this helps.

Community Member

Re: Shared CallManager Infrastructure & Discreet Global Director

Thanks a lot for the response and advice. :)

It seems that I can use the xmldirectory.asp, xmldirectoryinput.asp and xmldirectorylist.asp files under the CCMIP folder to do what I want and just rename the directory files for each respective "tenant".

I *think* the xmldirectorylist.asp file is the one of interest and as you have advised, might need some external help to device some javascript code to implement what I want but it seems to be a matter of searching in the LDAP database for the "Department" field where part of the string is "Company A" and then filtering it out on that.

Easier said than done unfortunately as I am not a coder.

Want to try and avoid third party products as it means extra support for them.

Community Member

Re: Shared CallManager Infrastructure & Discreet Global Director

Hi Mike,

changing the xmldirecoty.asp is a interesting solution... but what's about the possibility to monitor line states- even if "tenant 1" knows a directorynumber from "tenant 2". Do you think it is a possibility to resolve this issue also with a modified xmldirectory?

If you have some further informations, i.e. from TAC it would be great, if you can give me some feedback.




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