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Sip proxy server

1.How many cps support Sip proxy server.

2. How many phones support Sip proxy server.

3. How many gateway support sip proxy server

4. What is hw configuration for max. number of user




Re: Sip proxy server

1. The calls supported on Cisco Sip Proxy Server is upto 150 cps. The call rate can exceed 150 cps provided the SharedMemorySize is increased according in the sipd.conf file on both the Linux and Solaris.

2. I dont think, the number of phones should be an issue with SIP Proxy server.

3. You can check this in the Software Advisor Tool for which you may require CCO Login.

Software advisor tool

4. Not sure.

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Re: Sip proxy server

1-) This mainly depends if you run the proxy server in stateful or stateless mode and also if you run route record or not.

2)I never saw any limitations on the number of phones that can register. But of course it makes a difference if you register them statical or dynamical on the CSPS.

3) What do you mean with GW? I only use the CSPS in front of a Call Agent to take SIP into EISUP and the GWs are controlled by the CA.

4) See the Release Notes for HW req. No user limitation as I know.

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