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SLT support

we will be deploying PGW2200 with AS5400 , since we will conecting three or four ss7 links with diffrent providers so how many routers for SLT support i will required .


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Re: SLT support


For your information, you can use AS5400 as an integrated SLT.

The answer to your question is related with the following questions:

>>How many signaling links you will have with each carrier? I recommend 2 per carrier and one in each SLT.

Are the links arriving at the same location or you will need to co-locate SLTs inside the carriers to interconnect? Than the answer will be the number of places where you will need to put SLT's.

the last question is the model of SLT planned since this can affect performance and number of links in each one. If I was you, I will think about 2 signaling links per SLT but try to be from different carriers for redundancy purpose.



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Re: SLT support

daniel thanks for reply ok i will explain how we will deployed our network so advise me accordingly .

we will connect our network with four carrier A ,B ,C & E assuming one SS7 ( F link with each carreir ) .

My SLT routers will be placed in colocation along with PGW2200 & Cisco AS5400 all the E1 from each carreir will be terminating at colocation where our equipment is placed .

so i need to know how may ss7 link will be supported by single SLT router also i need to use voice on these link will i need to use VWICS card ? .

keeping my above deployemnt plan i also need to know how i will route traffic to specfic carriers E1 from my AS5400 or PGW200


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Re: SLT support


before enter in equipment detail:

the signaling link will be one of the channels inside of the E1 as timeslot 16 for example?

if so, I believe will be interesting in terms of hardware cost that you use as AS5400 as an integrated SLT.

since you will have just one Signaling Link with each carrier, you will not be able to have redundancy with the carrier.

AS5400 can have up to 4 signaling links:

regarding gateways control, PGW will have RLM links with gateway by where it will send a kind of "ISDN type communication" to direct the E1s.

PGW is a complex software and I suggest you get a Cisco partner to assist you. TAC access is also very important.



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