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spa8800 failover to analog line? (not asterix)

Hi there, i am trying to set up the following system

analog commander pbx ---> linksys8800 ---> internet

it seems to work fine when the internet is connected, but i would  like it to failover and kick back onto the old ptsn line when the net is  down.
i know this is possible with an asterix server but i dont know  how to configure a normal old line on the spa8800? when i pull the  ethernet cable it just sounds engaged.

i hope this is possible.

im a bit of a newbie as you can probably tell!. thanks in advance for  your help.


Re: spa8800 failover to analog line? (not asterix)

Voice tab > Line page >

VoIP Fallback to PSTN section (SPA3102 and SPA8800)

On the SPA8800, these settings are configured on the Phone pages only.

Auto PSTN Fallback : If enabled, the ATA device automatically routes all calls to the PSTN gateway when the Line 1 proxy is down (registration failure or network link down).

The default is yes.

hope this helps


Community Member

Re: spa8800 failover to analog line? (not asterix)

thanks very much for your help. it seems to be half working but i  sitll have an issue wth the net side of things,

When  the power is removed from the spa8800 it failsover to the ptsn line  well,

but when i remove just the ethernet, it doesnt want to  failover, just gives me an engaged signal... any ideas?

i  have set the following settings to the line page thinking this might  help but doesnt seem to change.

Make Call Without Reg: yes

Ans Call Without  Reg:  yes

Register:  no

All i am getting is an  engaged signal when the net is down..

i assume it  doesnt need to register with a device as it is analog.

is there  something i am missing here?

thanks very much for your  help. almost there!

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