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Starting A Calling Card Company

I'm looking forward to open a small calling card company in Ukraine. And what I would need is cisco networking tools. The way I understand is that I can set the whole calling card network up with cisco devices.

What I already have is: 10 Analog phone lines and 10 Vonage ( ) boxes that have VoIP technology, and DSL connection for them.

Basically, what I want is, when a person calls one of the local analog phone lines, he/she should have a voice interactive menu that will tell him to enter his PIN #, and after the system recognizes it, it should give him access to one of the empty vonage analog lines that are going to the Vonage boxes. Plus it should tell the person how much money he/she has left, and wile he/she makes the phone call it should be deducting money from his/her account (PIN#) (different rates for different countries). Also if it's possible, I would like to use a 3845 series router to connect 10 vonage boxes to the DSL that I have.

I would appreciate if you would help me build this network, or at least tell me what devices and software I would need to buy.

Thank You In Advance,

Dan Volkov

P.S. I think that I can use VG-224, 3845 series router, and CallManager. (But I don't know if this is the right set of network for the small-prepaid calling card company.


Re: Starting A Calling Card Company

Call Manager does not have built-in IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Besides Call Manager you would also need cisco IPCC,IVR solution or maybe more add-on applications. I think you can write IVR scripts in Callmanager Express but I'm not sure.


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Re: Starting A Calling Card Company


Re: Starting A Calling Card Company


Call Manager won't help at all.

What you need basicly is a Cisco VoIP enabled gateway (with Radius AAA support) and then a

Radius prepaid billing system running over a Linux or Windows server. Nothing else.

There are several russian billing software packages at decent prices like NETUP, IPSoft, IP Studio AMBS and so on.

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Re: Starting A Calling Card Company

I've got one word for you.....Asterisk!!!!

I'm all into Cisco and stuff, but I tell you, Asterisk is the way to got for a solution like this.

I've implemented this before and would always recommend Asterisk for stuff like this.

Once it's all up and running, your Asterisk box, you can interoperate with loads of Long-distance providers using SIP, not to mention installing a few TDM Cards to handle your analog connections........sweeeeeeet!!

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Re: Starting A Calling Card Company

Hi Ayo,

Can i get more information from you regarding this. I would like to set this up for myself and would like some more specific information such as which Asterisk box to look at etc...if you have an email address i can contact you on that would be great.

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Re: Starting A Calling Card Company

Consult your attorney. I think you'll find your proposal is in violation of your usage agreement with Vonage (unless Vonage offers carrier/re-sale service).

Find a SIP provider who will actually allow this.

Look into TCL router scripts..they may help with interactive dialing. But they are likely pretty limited. Call detail records for billing will be an issue.

Asterisk could help with that.

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Re: Starting A Calling Card Company

Just noticed this thread is OLD.....


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