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T.37 Store and Forward FAX

I use a Cisco 2621XM Router with 12.3(11)T6 IOS, NM-HD-2V with VIC2-2FXS and I try to configure the t.37 protocol. Olso, I use a smtp Exchange server for a fax mail server and a fax machine connected in a FXS port. I use the Cisco Configuring documentation in the configuration process, but I have a problem: after I configured the FXS pots and after I use the "call application on-ramp " I receive the busy tone when I peek up the phone and I can't send a fax msg. The question is: What are be the problem for this busy ton?


Re: T.37 Store and Forward FAX

Check if the audio prompt file is present. You need to have it.

Cisco Employee

Re: T.37 Store and Forward FAX

could you explain the call flow? You can't do onramp with a locally attached fax machine. There would need to be a call coming into a router (via an FXO port or a PRI or something). With an FXS port, normally you would have the router provide dial-tone and then collect digits and such. With the on-ramp application that won't happen. It expects the call to be connected already, so it can then provide the fax tones to the remote fax machine.

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