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T1 Trunk Failover


i have 2 AS5300 each with 4 T1 Ports, lets name it AS1 and AS2. How can I create an automatic failover on both equipments, like for example if I ran out voice ports on AS1 can it be possible to automatically route the call to AS2 trunks. If yes, what command should I use and how ? Does anybody has a documents or scenarios that I can read for my objective to work.

I'm using this 2 AS5300 for our prepaid platform, and this could be problem on the future.

Call Flow:

AS1 --> Quintum D3000 --> AAA Server

AS2 --> Quintum D2400 --> AAA Server

If I connect the AS1 and AS2 via T1 cable, how can I create a failover between those T1 trunks?

Thanks, I hope that someone might try to help me out on this.


Re: T1 Trunk Failover

The failover configuration requires two identical security appliances connected to each other through a dedicated failover link and, optionally, a Stateful Failover link. The health of the active interfaces and units is monitored to determine if specific failover conditions are met. If those conditions are met, failover occurs.The security appliance supports two failover configurations, Active/Active failover and Active/Standby failover. Each failover configuration has its own method for determining and performing failover.

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