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TCL Application for IVR

I have a query regarding the Cisco IVR Project especially with the TCL Scripts. I use the ?show call application voice summary? (please see figure 1.0).


1. Do I need to download the TCL Application in and load it to the TFTP Server?

2. Are the TCL Scripts indicated below is built in on the Router? Or it only shows the supported applications that are compatible with the Router?

3. If any case that these TCL are installed on the Router, could it be possible to download it from the router instead of downloading it in

4. Can you help me about TCL Scripts? Though I read some documents there was still some lose ends and loop wholes that I need to clarify with you. Is there any programming (e.g. VXML) in using this? I?m really confused right now.

Figure 1.0

Internap-Philippines# show call application voice summary

name description

CTAPP Call Treatment Action Application

session Basic app to do DID, or supply dialtone.

fax_hop_on Script to talk to a fax redialer

clid_authen Authenticate with (ani, dnis)

clid_authen_collect Authenticate with (ani, dnis), collect if that fails

clid_authen_npw Authenticate with (ani, NULL)

clid_authen_col_npw Authenticate with (ani, NULL), collect if that fails

clid_col_npw_3 Authenticate with (ani, NULL), and 3 tries collecting

clid_col_npw_npw Authenticate with (ani, NULL) and 3 tries without pw

DEFAULT Default system session application

lib_off_app Libretto Offramp

Call Treatment Action Application - Version 1.0.

TCL Script Version 2.0 supported.

TCL Script Version 1.1 supported.

Voice Browser Version 2.0 for VoiceXML 1.0 & 2.0 supported.

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