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TCL application on an ephone-dn


Did anybody use the "application" on an ephone-dn config mode?

We are looking for a basic ivr/AA triggered not by a pots dial-peer, but by a call to a specific direct number within the CME. We thought the command was ment for this, but couldn´t make it work. Maybe it's a problem on the tcl though..


Re: TCL application on an ephone-dn

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Re: TCL application on an ephone-dn


Thank you for your reply, but my question still remains.. have anybody ever tried it?. I came across with this document before and I applied the configuration, but the TCL didn't work (It had been loaded though..)

If you have tried it and worked fine, what TCL have you used?


Re: TCL application on an ephone-dn

Hi Lucas,

I believe I can shed some light.

What the document says is true. You can apply an application to an ephone-dn and it will execute.

The problem is, AA applications such as its-CISCO., are built to work against an incoming leg only.

So your IVR/AA application must be built to work with the call leg it is presented. To prove this, place your application on an ephone-dn that is assigned to a phone. When you pick up that line on the phone, the AA should start, since it is executing agains the incoming leg of the call.

Here's a small excerpt of its-CISCO. Note that all of this script is executing against an incoming leg.

if { ($dnis == "") || ($dnis == $aaPilot) } {

leg setupack leg_incoming

leg proceeding leg_incoming

leg connect leg_incoming

set legConnected true

puts "\nNo DNIS\n"

set param1(dialPlan) true

leg collectdigits leg_incoming param1

media play leg_incoming %s1000

} else {

set fcnt 6

leg setupack leg_incoming

handoff callappl leg_incoming default "DESTINATION=$dnis"

fsm setstate HANDOFF


If you want to use Cisco's canned tcls, you need to find an ingress dial-peer to apply them to.

I know it is not what you wanted to hear, but let me know if this helps by rating the post.

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Re: TCL application on an ephone-dn


Your reply was really helpfull, The issue is what I was suspecting it would be..

The thing is, do you know if is there a TCL that runs fine on a ephone-dn application? (public or cco partner accessible)

Thank you in advance.

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