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Very Urgent!! Please advice

Dear support,

I wanna make a solution of Qos for voice over IP over frame-relay ..

I have the following :

* 2 routers 1601 with 8 MB Dram / 4 MB flash with IOS version 12.0 (7)T &

12.0 ( 8)

* 2 routers 805 with 8 MB Dram / 4 MB flash with IOS 12.2(3)

* A main site with 256 Kbps and 3 sites 64 kbps each with

( frame - relay lmi-type ansi , frame-relay IETF )

I want to Apply the following Qos configuration :

1-LLQ with priority

2-frame relay traffic-shaping

3-IP rtp header-compression

4-Output service policy in the map-class associated with Dlci

5-FRF.12 to fragment the packets ( 80 Bytes )

Can i apply the following commands with the current configuration or i must upgrade something( flash memory for new IOS or router model )

Please i need your help in this ...Thanks a lot

Waiting for your reply as soon as possible..

Best regards,



Re: Very Urgent!! Please advice

I guess, with the features you are looking for on a 1600 router, you should upgrade your flash memory to minimum 12MB. With the Software Advisor tool I could get a list all the Cisco IOS images which you could upload for the features you have mentioned. It is available at:

The IOS which you have currently on your 1600 router is not enough to have the traffic shaping, llq and other stuff. The minimum IOS version you would require is:

12.2(2)T which requires 4MB Dram and 12MB flash. For more details you can refer the link given above.

And as far as the 805 router is concerned, I do not think that frame relay traffic shaping is supported. The rest are supported from 12.1(5)T onwards.This requires 8 MB Dram and 8MB flash. The same can be verified on the Sofware Advisor.

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