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Vo/IP with routers 2500 and 4500, its posible?

I have to implement a project in a new job, The Company wants that I implement Voice over IP with frame-relay links and a voice switch of NEC.

From NEC said me that the Switch/PBX support Vo/IP.

I want to know if the cisco routers 2500 and 4500 that this company have are enought to support the Vo/IP and if you can suggest me the features that I have to find for the IOS of these routers.

Thanks a lot.

Happy new year too.

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Re: Vo/IP with routers 2500 and 4500, its posible?


Just to make it clear the 2500 and 4500 DO NOT support voip by themselves (no voip/pots dial peer configuration etc.) If your NEC supports voip then I guess no matter what router you use, it will be just passing the traffic. As far as the router is concerned it is just traffic from another source.

You might want to know what port range the NECs would be using to transmit their voice packets so that you can implement some QoS on the routers to prioritize that traffic.

I hope that helps.


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Re: Vo/IP with routers 2500 and 4500, its posible?

O.k., you are right I think the same, at the end, the Vo/IP is only data for the router.

I have a specific question....

I have 4 routers in my network between 3 remote sites and my main office.

2 routers are Cisco 4500

2 routers are Cisco 2500.

Linked throught a cloud of Frame Relay.

With IOS very old that don't support QoS or CAR (Commited Access Rate) or class-map/map-class or something like that, used to improve the transmition for Vo/IP.

The only characteristic that I have is:



Can I use priority-list to transport Vo/IP?

I want to specify the address of the PBX on the priority-list,...Can it be used in this way?

Thank a lot by your answer.

Note: I Dont have try it, because PBX havent been installed yet. I have tried to get the flash and DRAM memory for upgrade the router and the IOS for other a bit better.

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Re: Vo/IP with routers 2500 and 4500, its posible?

I caught you.



Saul Barragan

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