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Voice Gateway's not registering across VPN

Does anyone know of any issues that could prevent a Voice Gateway router from registering with a Call Manager across a VPN tunnel? All of our Gateway's that are across Tunnels are failing to register.


Re: Voice Gateway's not registering across VPN

I'm assuming these are MGCP gateways? Try using the following commands to specify the source address for TFTP (if you're using ccm-manager config download) and MGCP.

ip tftp source-interface

mgcp bind control source-interface

mgcp bind media source-interface

Also be sure that the domain name configured in CCM matches the hostname of the router. Also, if you're using a domain name on the router such as, you will need for the domain name in CCM config.

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New Member

Re: Voice Gateway's not registering across VPN

Well this issue has been solved. I feel kind of retarded about it though. It is simply because the line to the end point wasn't connected. My thinking was that the gateway should be able to register with the CCM even though the e1 to the avaya wasn't online yet. Apparently if you do a "show ccm" it was registered but it won't show up as registered in the call manager until the e1/t1 is operational.

Maybe this explanation will help people in the future.

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