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Voice Quality in VOIP/TDM

Hi all,

Is there any tools/commands available for Cisco 2621XM (2600 series), with which we can measure the voice quality of VOIP and TDM calls. Is it possible to get some statistical information about the voice call.

What are the metrics used by Cisco for measuring Voice Quality?

Any links, answers and suggestions would be helpful.



Re: Voice Quality in VOIP/TDM

IP SLA is a feature built in to IOS and collects voice quality statistics. See the links below. There are also many 3rd party applications which will allow you to compile and analyze these statistics. Several of these are listed at the bottom of the first link below. The main metrics used to measure voice quality are latency, jitter, and packet loss in the network. IP SLA can also measure the MOS (Mean Opinion Score) which is a standard used across TDM and IP voice networks.

Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agreements for Voice over IP

Monitoring Voice over IP Quality of Service

Cisco IOS IP SLAs Configuration Guide

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New Member

Re: Voice Quality in VOIP/TDM

Thanks Brandon,

But as far as I can understand SLA needs two CISCO routers... but in my case I am having a single 2600.

Is it possible to get statistics about ongoing VOIP call just using the information that we have at the router?

suggestions please...

Re: Voice Quality in VOIP/TDM

2 routers are not necessary according to this quote:

"Cisco IOS IP SLAs performs active monitoring by generating and analyzing traffic to measure performance either between Cisco IOS devices or from a Cisco IOS device to a remote IP device such as a network application server."

from this link:


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