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New Member

VoIP architecture configuration

Morning everybody

I am newer in Cisco VoIP configuration and I need some help to do a Pilot to test RSVP signaling.

Here is the technical architecture abd the equipments used:

[u]Architecture [/u]:

2 zones in where:

[u]Zone 1 :[/u] Switch WS-C2940, 1 Cisco 2801 V/K9 router (GK/GW), 1 Cisco 2801 router R1, 1 pc connected to the switch, 1 PABX (1) connected to the V/K9 (GK/GW). On the PABX there are 2 phones and 1 fax connected. Both routers are connected to the switch.

[u]Figure :[/u]

PABX (1)----------2801(GW/GK)


PC----Switch S1 ----2801 (R1)

[u]Zone 2:[/u]There is 2 sites

Site 1 equipments: 1 PC, 1 2801 Cisco routeur R2, 1 switch WS-C2940, 1 Cisco 2821 V/K9 routeur (GK/GW), 1 PABX (2) ( with 1 fax and 2 phones connected on), 1 Peribit (WAN accelerator), 1 2801 router R3 et 1 Cisco 3845 R5.

[u]Figure: [/u]



2801 (R1/Zone1)---2801 (R2)-------Switch S2 ----2821V/K9-----PABX (2)

| |

| |_____Cisco 3845



2801 (R3)----2801 (R4/Site2)

And the Site 2 of zone 2:

Site 2 equipments: 2 Cisco routers 2801 (R4 et R7), 1 Peribit, 1 Cisco router 3845 (R6), 1 Cisco router 2811 V/K9 (R8), 1 PABX (3)(where 1 fax and 2 phones are connected on).


----- Peribit--------

| |

2801(R4) ---------------3845 (R6)------------2811 (R8)------PABX (3)


(R1/Zone 1)-----2801 (R7)

[u]Interconnections on the sites:[/u]

R6 (Site 2) is connected to R5 (Site 1) p 2 M link (In the case of the pilot it is back to back cable).

PABX 2 (Site1) and PABX 3 (Site 2) are connected together.

Routers R3 (Site 1) and R4 (Site 2)are connected together by a 512K link.

[u]Interconnection of the zones:[/u]

Zone 1 is connected to Zone2 by 2 sides:

> Connection of R1(Zone 1) to R2 (Zone2/Site1) 512 K link

> Connection of R1 (Zone 1) to R7 (Zone 2/Site2) by a 2 M link (In the case of the pilot, it is a back to back cable)

This corresponding to the architecture I need to implement. My probleme is the following: I'm working of the IP adressing plan of the routers and the switchs.

Could you give an IP adressing plan that will be running for all these equipments. (IP of the routers, implementation of the switchs, do I need to make Vlan?, VoiIP configuration of the Gatekeeper/Gateway)

Besoin aussi du protocole de routage a impl?menter pour la communication du tout.

What routing protocols do I need to make this configuration running?

Then I need to implement RSVP, on which router and on how do I need to implement it?

Could you help me for the configuration of the all architecture, give me a tutorial?

Thanks for your help.


Re: VoIP architecture configuration

If you need ip addressing scheme you can use the router itself as a dhcp server to provide the ip address . you need to create two vlan one for data and another one for voice. You can use the private ip address range for vocie ip address assignment

New Member

Re: VoIP architecture configuration


The DHCP server is a good idea, but I need to set static IP on the routers....

For the both Vlan, do I need to create them on the both switch of to create 2 VLans by switch?

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