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voip between cisco and avaya

We have to implement Voice over IP on our IPLC circuit between foreign office and India office.

Topology is such that our foreign office is having 1700 series router with wan card

(Wic-1T) and one two port FXO card connected to PBX for PSTN and local connectivity.

India end we have a cisco 1700 router with wan card (Wic-1T) and on lan we have Avaya S8300 media server with multiple phones connected to it. Avaya server is acting as a voice gateway at India end. Avaya server is connected to LAN on Ethernet.

We have configured IPSEC site-to-site VPN between both the locations.


Over the VPN tunnel we want to enable voice communication between both the locations.

i.e between cisco at foreign end and avaya server at India end.

1) India office users via IPLC should communicate over voice and data with the foreign office (Avaya extensions to FXO in Foreign office).

2) Foreign office should communicate with the india office users connected to IPLC link (FXO to Avaya server extensions)

Any suggestions/config will be appreciated

Attaching the india end router config.



Re: voip between cisco and avaya


Before getting onto the requirements,from now on i would suggest you to mask the ip (public) address part included in the configs while posting in any general forum.

These are the links which you can use up here for the ref..

You need to check out for the possible codes and other compatible points which you need to configure on both the sidees..

i m not sure though about the configuration of Avaya box but you can mention the remote end routers ethernet ip as the destination ip or the target for the call termination.

And in the remote router while configuring the dial-peer pots and dial-peer voip binded on the FXO itnerface make sure that you are mentioning the Avaya box ip as the session target.


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Re: voip between cisco and avaya

If it is a new setup I would recommend Unity. Where is your India office located?

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