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VOIP Design

Dear Friends,

We have a design in which we have some industrial ethernet switch which support FXS port, This industrial Switches are connected back to L3 Core Switch. This inturn connected thorugh the VOice trunk Gateway to the PBX via a E1 line. I need to know is there a requirement of call manager in this design? which to be connected to the core switch for call routing or will my design satisfies a VOIP network

note: i am connecting only analog phones in this design there is no IP phone.

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Re: VOIP Design


this question is very abstract.

it will be good if you provide us with the model and name of your "industrial ethernet switch". What Voip protocol are they supported.

So,in first approximation if "industrial ethernet switch" and " VOice trunk Gateway" support internal simple call routing, then you do not need call manager.

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Re: VOIP Design

No, there is no need for call manager in this design. But, what is that you need to do ? What is attached to to what ? What are you missing in the present state ?

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Re: VOIP Design

Thank you sir ! here in this design we have to know the point where the call is routed?

analog phone<->industrial switch<->l3 switch<->trunk gateway<->pbx

if i dail an extension how the call is routed from where can i view the call details

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Re: VOIP Design


if you indicate which ones of the devices above are cisco, and the model, I could help.

I these are not cisco, you have to refer to their respective manufacturer.

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