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VoIP failover to PBX via Gatekeeper


I have a question regarding VoIP failover to a PBX in order to reach remote locations via PSTN when some link fails.

I have a FR hub and spoke topology. The central site connects 80 remote offices and has an E1 link to an Ericsson PBX. The remote offices have 2 FXS ports.

There's a gatekeeper on the central site with the following config:


zone local centralgk

gw-type-prefix 11#3105* gw ipaddr 1720

gw-type-prefix 11#3109* gw ipaddr 1720




no shutdown


What I want is some way to configure at the end a line like this:

gw-type-prefix 11#3* gw ipaddr 1720

This way I can have a default gw-type-prefix for series 3* which connects to the central PBX ( is central GW).

So, lets suppose I want to dial from 3105 to 3109 but 3109´s link is down. I want 3105 be able to reach a default peer on the central site and get a dial tone from there, so I still can call via PSTN to 3109. There's no need to configure number expansion on the routers, the PBX does that. Of course this only would work for remote offices.

I know routers choose the most specific match when multiple dial-peers are found, I´ve done this using ipv4 session targets on the dial-peers. The problem now is when I try to put my "default" line I get this error:

"Prefix 11#3* conflicts with existing gw-type-prefix or zone prefix."

Is it possible to do want I want? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Re: VoIP failover to PBX via Gatekeeper

11#3* includes 11#3105* and 11#3109*. Thats the reason why there is a conflict.

You can try adding another gateway to the command gw-type-prefix 11#3* gw ipaddr 1720.

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