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voip on mpls link


IS their any feasibilty to create voip on the MPLS interfaces.

or i ahve to go for the scenerio liek back to back connectivity between the mpls router and another new router with serial termination and than E1 witht he PBX with new router.

Kindly suggest me or ic an create voip on the same interfaces on which the mpls is coming

Thanks & Regards

Manish Gaur


Re: voip on mpls link

You can control the queuing at your router interface that connecting to the MPLS network. Different type interface has different syntax, but the concept is the same that let the voice packet be forwarded first.

Re: voip on mpls link

One thing I would like to add, MPLS has different SLA packages that can be purchased. The packages are bronze, silver and Gold ratings. Typically the Gold will is whats needed for voice. You need to set your QoS to the same setting as the MPLS circuit. Typically a MPLS provider, will drop packets when the wire starts getting congested. If you do not have some type of SLA, then it could be possible that the MPLS carrier will drop voice packets and quality will be seriously degraded.

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