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VOIP over broadband - with QoS?

At the moment we use Cisco 2600 routers with 256k BT kilostream connections to our stations, to provide IT and Cisco VOIP. The kilostream connections cost about ?5k/station/year.

We want to stream video for the IT, but the kilostream isn't up to it. We also have BT broadband (20:1 contention), to the station, generally between 2-8M, which costs about ?500/station/year. We can do video over that fine.

My questions are:-

1) I'd like to get rid of the expensive kilostream and just use broadband. However, we have about 10-25 VOIP phones on each station, and we keep being told that broadband could not support that, the latency is too high, the reliability too low, that it needs QoS and you can't get that with this infrastructure etc etc. Can I use Cisco VOIP over broadband to 2600 routers, would QoS work and what about the quality/reliability? If it is possible, any hints as to how?

2) As an alternative, I was wondering if I could have both kilostream and broadband connected to the back of my 2600 and have different services going over the two connections (eg voice over kilostream and IT over broadband)? And if so, maybe I could have failover from one to another? Can I do this, and if so, any ideas how?

I don't know if it helps, but we normally terminate our broadband IPSEC VPNs on our WatchGuard firewall, although we do also have a Microsoft ISA firewall that we could use instead.

Any help you are able to offer would be very gratefully received.



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