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VoIP - POTS how to send on Hook to FXS automaticly

I have VoIP network (V) with FXS ports and PBX (P) with some FXO ports. V is cisco 1750 and P is Nortel Meridian. One FXS port from V network is connected to FXO port on P network. Calling from both networks is OK, but still is one problem:

When i initiate a call from network V to network P

if nobody answers at that end and go on Hook (in V), then call on V network is terminated, but call on P network is not: call still continues until someone picks up the phone and puts it down, or time is exeeded. (Line on P network needs on Hook signal, but does not get one from FXS on V, connected to FXO on P.) How to send some signal, to make line on P to go oh Hook, when line on V goes on Hook.

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Re: VoIP - POTS how to send on Hook to FXS automaticly

You will have to put the following of commands in voice-port - FXO :

voice-port X/X/X

cptone BR

timeouts call-disconnect 3

timeouts wait-release 3

supervisory disconnect dualtone mid-call

supervisory answer dualtone

Hope this helps

Joao Aranda

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