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volume or gain setting for Cisco VOIP

I have had some complaints at one of our locations that sometimes the call volume is too low and it is hard to hear...especially when a inbound call is forwarded to an external cell phone.

When an external call comes in (probably from a cell phone) and then that call hits an internal Cisco phone which is forwarded out to an employee cell phone it is not loud enough.

The employees complain about this.

Is there a way to increase the volume or gain from within our system?

Cisco Employee

Re: volume or gain setting for Cisco VOIP


If the audio level is the only issue, it's likely related to the fact that there is a drop in levels coming from the PSTN, and another drop going back out to the PSTN. Adjustment of voice port input gain/output attenuation (increase the input gain/reduce output attenuation on the voice ports) is likely to provide some relief..although probably will not result in a complete solution.



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Re: volume or gain setting for Cisco VOIP

Thanks for the suggestion.

I will check that out.

Is there any setting at the PSTN to boost the volume...can I contact them and request that or is it typically not something they can adjust?

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