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VXML on the AS5350

I am implementing an IVR system using the AS5350 and I am sure that I will have a bunch of questions about the details of the implementation of the VXML 2.0 spec within it. Is there an active forum other than this one that is set up to address this?

Are the conformance scripts available anywhere online? I have seen the conformance table:

But I was interested in the scripts that were used to prove conformance. Having those available online would help to answer a lot of questions people like me might have.


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Re: VXML on the AS5350

If you do a search on CCO for "VoiceXML" you will find some sample apps. The page I started with was:

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Re: VXML on the AS5350

Thanks, That is a good document and one I have used.

The set of documents provided by Cisco are good, I was just trying to forestall any questions that will probably arise out of using features that are not "Exampled" in the docs you referenced.

To be VXML 2.0 "compliant" I would assume that they have to have a set of scripts that exercise the browser. There is one such set at:

but it is a generic set and not of much use beyond the simple stuff. I would think that the publishing of the scripts that Cisco uses would be usefull to all of us. They might however feel that they are proprietary.



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