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WRED Question

Hi All,

Does anyone know the correct way to calculate WRED min/max thresholds and MPD ?

I am using a WAN example where I follow 12 CoS CBWFQ and want to ensure the WRED (random-detect DSCP etc) is setup correctly.

Any tips or advice on how to measure or calculate those values ?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: WRED Question


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Any tips or advice on how to measure or calculate those values ?

Advice, yes, avoid using WRED unless you're willing to invest your time in becoming a QoS expert.

If you want to use RED at it's intended, in theory, it's very simple.  In practice, it's often very difficult to get it "right".

BTW, I'm not being flippant.  Research RED and notice all the design variants due to the difficultly of getting it "right".  Why even Dr. Floyd, who defined RED, wrote a 2nd paper to "improve" RED based on her original paper.

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