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Wrong direction of Packet loss

Recently,I capture some RTP packets when user meeting the dialogue jitter and latency.

User A using the 3951 ip phone (IP address is x.x.125.206, and x.x.200.165 is the voice gateway's ip address ) , and user B using a mobile phone.

User A responds to me that she can't hear user B clearly.

This reflect to packets capture result should be packet lost at the in direction.

But the capture result show that packets loss happen at the out direction.

Could any body explain it for me?

Thanks a lot!



Re: Wrong direction of Packet loss

Probably you have captured RTP traffic near the voice gateway. Right?

I suppose that you have bidirectional packet loss.

In this case, if you use wireshark near one of the sources you can observe only one direction loss.

You must try to use wireshark in both network segments.

P.S. in the bottom of the your image we can see ip addresses of your net.


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Wrong direction of Packet loss

A very funny mistake, thank you for remind me timely.

Talk about the packets loss.

I am capturing the packet near the ip phone instead of voice gateway.

Do you mean the phone side can only capture the packets loss of inward direction,

when the gate side can only capture the packets loss of outward direction?


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